‘I’ve had such a great therapy experience with Alison! She is very open and so easy to talk to, always allowing me space to open up and encouraging me to reach conclusions in my own way. Her friendly approach meant we got on straight away and I always felt totally comfortable to share how I was feeling. Additionally, her knowledge of CBT and neuroscience meant that she could clearly explain how and why feelings come about and then provide excellent tools to cope with them. I would definitely recommend Alison!’

‘I shall never forget you. Nothing but amazing things to say. It really has been an incredible journey.’

‘Therapy with Alison helped me re-evaluate the way in which I view myself and my interactions with others. Alison’s technique of gentle but thought-provoking questioning allowed me to reassess and change preconceptions that I carried with me throughout my day-to-day life without even noticing. With this aided recognition of some of my not so helpful beliefs, I was able to reshape said thought patterns into a belief system that was both more realistic to what is actually happening around me and better for my mental health and wellbeing. Alison leads therapy in a very personable and friendly but guided way and every session left me feeling lighter but more enlightened to my thoughts and inner workings.’   

‘I would definitely recommend CBT for anyone on the spectrum.’